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    Post by sicran on 15/4/2011, 3:53 am

    Developer: BadaBoom

    Viking never forgets insults. And if you kidnap his wife, nothing will
    stop him. He’ll go through forests, fields, mountains and scorched
    earths, but he will wreak vengeance upon the enemy and get back his
    Perfect animated graphic, chipper game lay, shed loads of levels and many versions of each level.
    Do you want to help the Vikings and savor your spare time?
    This game is the best free time-killer.

    - More than 100 levels;
    - Dozens of different locations;
    - Different types of Vikings and enemies;
    - Weekly updates of content, levels and play modes;
    - Support of any device from LG Optimus One up to Samsung Galaxy S, HTC Desire HD
    - Full support of tablet devices: Samsung Galaxy TAB, Motorolla XOOM and others.

    Vikings Screenshots



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