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    Breach Review (Xbox 360)


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    Breach Review (Xbox 360)

    Post by sicran on 22/2/2011, 11:19 pm

    Breach enters an already
    crowded First Person Shooter market that is dominated by multiplayer
    powerhouses like the Halo and Call of Duty series. Developed by Atomic
    Games, the team behind the now canceled Six Days In Fallujah, this game
    looks to make its contribution to one of the most popular genres in
    gaming today. Is this game worth your hard earned Microsoft points?

    In Breach you take the role of a CIA special operative who can
    specialize in one of four classes during their time on the battlefield.
    Most of these classes are standard FPS fare from the run and gun Assault
    class to sit and wait sniping tactics offered by Sniper class. Breach
    does offer an amount of ability customization with perks and different
    weapons available as you gain experience points. Outfitting and
    unlocking new gear for your soldier can be satisfying but Breach lacks
    any kind of character customization. Instead you will have the option to
    select from a number of prebuilt models to represent you during combat.

    Once you've selected your tools of destruction and your appearance you
    are ready to enter the firefight. Breach offers the option to bring the
    fight in first person mode or by taking cover using various objects
    placed throughout the 4 available maps. Firefights using the first
    person mode play out similarly to other titles in the genre. Using the
    iron sites produces a more accurate result than just spraying from the
    hip. Unlike other shooters on the Xbox I was at a considerable
    disadvantage when firing from the hip. My target would almost always
    kill me first. The controls in Breach do a serviceable job. You can
    easily snap to cover with the press of a button but oddly moving away
    from cover is done by moving backwards rather than pressing the cover
    button a second time.

    There are several game modes available and outside of the convoy mode
    all of them have been seen in other games. The standard free for all
    deathmatch, team deathmatch and control the point are all present. The
    one new addition is the convoy mode in which one team of players attacks
    a moving truck with the goal of destroying it while another team works
    on defending the truck until it reaches the predetermined destination.
    This new mode is the most entertaining of those present but with only 1
    of the 4 maps supporting it your mileage may vary.

    The graphics in Breach can range from impressive to mediocre within the
    same frame. The gun models and burst effects from firing weapons are
    well done and detailed. The environments are a different story the
    objects like crates and tables have an acceptable amount of detail but
    up close walls and cave textures are muddy and uninspired. Even with the
    limited number of models available the player avatars are fairly
    detailed with light reflecting helmets and tactical vests.

    The sound design suffers from a lack of background music and only a few
    samples for each of the weapons in the game. I suppose this was intended
    to increase the amount of realism created by Breach but it ends up
    making the game feel unfinished. Surround sound is supported and bullets
    will reflect in the proper direction. This can be a life saver
    especially if you are playing as a sniper and rely on enemy fire to
    locate their position. Your teammates will shout encouraging slogans
    and generic military banter. In a single hour sessions these chants are
    bound to repeat

    Breach is not going to revolutionize the FPS genre. The convoy mode does
    show a flash of brilliance but the rest of the package is uninspired
    and could be swapped with most any other modern shooter in recent
    memory. All of the genre staples are present and multiple classes do
    give you a little choice in how to approach combat but some design
    choices detract from the experience. The lack of background music and
    the at-first confusing cover mechanic make Breach a hard game to
    recommend. If you are looking for a new multiplayer shooter to pass the
    time until a triple A release comes out and have the points to spare
    than Breach may be for you. For everyone else try the 30 minute trial

    Xbox 360
    Release Date:

    Ratings :: 2
    Average :: 7.4
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    gameplay in Breach is serviceable. All of the standard FPS modes are
    accounted for and the Convoy mode is a neat addition. It is a
    disappointment that there weren't more maps included.

    graphics range from fairly detailed to muddy textures. For some reason
    one of the maps had a bit of contrast between the environment textures
    and the gun models.

    gun has a unique sound attached to it but the small number of samples
    can get annoying. The lack of background music is inexcusable.

    you don't have one of the other big FPS titles in your library Breach
    will not fill their shoes. It could provide a few nights of
    entertainment but design flaws and lack of maps keep it from being a
    game you will want to return too.

    convoy mode is a unique idea that could have used than one map.
    Defending a moving target can be a lot of fun and each match plays out
    differently. Outside of this one innovation Breach sticks close to the
    typical FPS formula.

    Overall Score NOT an average


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