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    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Review (Xbox 360)


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    Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Review (Xbox 360)

    Post by sicran on 22/2/2011, 11:11 pm

    Fighting fanatics and casual players alike have been waiting nearly a
    decade for the release of Marvel Vs Capcom 3. It wasn't too long ago
    that MVC3 was just a twinkle in fan's eyes. Luckily for all the stars
    have aligned and after nearly a year of waiting MVC3 is in the hands of
    gamers all across the globe tomorrow. Previous entries in the series
    were known for combos that filled the entire screen, air juggling and a
    wide variety of characters. Can Capcom continue the recent revival of
    the fighting genre with their most recent contribution?

    The MVC series follows a unique formula pioneered by the original title
    in the series and perfected with Marvel Vs Capcom 2. Players choose a
    team of three fighters and enter the arena against either human
    opponents or a computer controlled A.I. Battles take place on a strictly
    2D platform with the player controlling movement in three directions -
    left, right and up. Combatants are also able to fly up in to the air by
    rotating the sticks bringing the combat to the stratosphere.

    This game isn't about technical fighting or complicated chains of moves.
    The MVC franchise prides itself on easy to learn moves that are almost
    universal amongst its characters. Like the Street Fighter series there
    are several universal moves that can be used by multiple characters. Any
    Street Fighter veteran will know that a Hadoken can be performed by
    rolling the stick forward and pressing the attack button. This basic
    staple of the fighting genre is used by almost all characters. Aside
    from these basic commands each character does have a set of unique
    commands/moves that can be used in combination.

    Beyond the basics there are several more advanced techniques to consider
    while playing MVC3. When 3 combatants have been chosen they can be
    swapped out at anytime using the controller's shoulder buttons. This
    allows injured fighters to heal over time while their teammates charge
    on. Swapping at the right time can yield a crossover combo dealing
    damage to the other player's fighters.

    Another statistic to watch is the super bar at the bottom of the screen.
    Unlike other entries in the series the super meter does not increase
    with the use of the heavy attack button. This removes the strategy of
    spamming the attack buttons while away from your opponent. The super
    meter is now filled in accordance with the amount of damage
    dealt/received. When unleashed these super combos fill the screen with
    spectacular flashes and streams of particles. Each character has 3
    unique specials and they're all equally as entertaining.

    The flow of a match depends on the play style used. Whether one goes for
    a straight barrage of attacks, air juggling or super meter combos will
    change how the A.I reacts. Like MVC2 there are some characters that are
    better suited to some situations than others. Wesker's flying super move
    will bounce the enemy across the screen while Hulk's Gamma Crush will
    lift the ground below the opponent causing massive damage.

    Capcom has introduced a new game play mechanic with MVC3 called "X
    Factor". By pressing all four face buttons players are able to activate
    their X Factor once per match. This gives all three fighters increased
    damage and allows them to cancel out super combos for a brief period of
    time. The trade off is that it can only be used once per match and only
    lasts a few seconds. It was designed to give a losing player that little
    bit of edge that might turn the tide of battle.

    The graphics in MVC3 are a mix between stylized cell shaded effects and
    detailed 3D models. This look originated with Street Fighter 4 and looks
    excellent with the vibrant color pallet Capcom has chosen for the game.
    Each character's outfits are bright and represent their comic
    counterparts almost perfectly. As previously mentioned each character
    has an assortment of moves that grant a high amount of visual flair.
    Three characters could be pulling off blinding special attacks and the
    frame rate never drops below 60 frames per second. Watching Marvel Vs.
    Capcom 3 is a feast for the eyes that doesn't disappoint.
    MVC2 featured 56
    characters when it was released in 2000. The third entry ratchets down
    the number of available characters to 36 out of the box with the option
    to add more via downloadable content. This may sound like a significant
    drop, but Capcom has added some more variety with recent additions like
    Ameratsu and fan requested favorites like Deadpool. They have also
    removed duplicate or redundant characters such as Ken, Sakura and
    Boneclaw Wolverine.

    The audio in MVC3 does a superb job of setting the mood of a match. From
    the energizing tunes that play in the background during a fight to the
    catchy character select music Capcom has spent a considerable amount of
    time choosing tracks. Characters call out to each other when swapping,
    Each of them have unique call outs depending on the incoming characters.
    For example Captain America and Iron Man refer to each other by first
    name while Felicia calls out to Ameratsu with an enthusiastic "PUPPY!".

    There are ten different arenas available from the get go with one
    reserved for the final boss battle. Capcom has drawn from all of their
    properties as well as recent events in the Marvel Universe. Fighters can
    expect to visit the mythical land of Asgard, a Tricel Laboratory
    straight out of Resident Evil 5, Metro City from the Final Fight series
    and more. The classic Danger Room training stage from MVC2 also returns
    as a selectable stage for both training mode and versus play. Each arena
    has its own color palette that stays true to their series roots.

    Beyond the Arcade and Versus modes Marvel Vs Capcom 3 also features a
    number of extra modes. Like the last game players can try their hand
    against a series of computer controlled opponents in the training mode.
    Here they have access to several tweakable options including the amount
    of health each combatant has, they type of behavior exhibited by the A.I
    and a full list of moves.
    The last of the main modes in MVC3 is the mission mode. This mode acts
    as both an advanced tutorial and challenge for seasoned players. Each
    character in the MVC universe has 10 missions beginning with basic moves
    and ending with advanced combos. Not only can some gamerscore be earned
    for completing 150 and 300 missions but it also prepares the player to
    enter the online arena.

    Capcom has carried over the exceptional netcode that was last seen in
    Super Street Fighter 4. Players are able to search for lobbies by
    connection type, nationality and number of available slots. From the
    main Xbox Live Menu combatants are able to begin a quick match or
    spectate with others in a party. Like the single player there is no
    noticeable sign of loading and should both players have a decent
    connection then lag should be a rare sight.

    The gameplay of fighters is what makes players pick up the controller
    and unlockable extras serve as a carrot on a stick to keep those
    dedicated to the game to keep coming back. MVC3 offers four unlockable
    characters tied to player points that are rewarded at the end of a match
    depending on a number of factors. Despite some of the high values
    required to unlock these hidden characters it can be done in a single
    evening of play. While reviewing MVC3 Versus Mode yielded the highest
    amount of PP points.

    MVC3 also offers a number of extra unlockables that do not affect game
    play but are sure to please fans. After acquiring a predetermined amount
    of points goodies such as concept artwork, a model viewer, character
    bios and a movie theatre can be accessed. After beating arcade mode with
    any character a brief comic style ending is unlocked. Look out for
    cameos from several Capcom and Marvel fan favorites.

    Capcom has provided players with a package that rivals any other fighter
    on the market and surpasses the best of them in terms of presentation.
    Whether the prospective player is a Capcom devotee or a Marvel maniac
    there is something for everyone. Hardcore players and casuals alike will
    find a team of character that suits them and the amount of unlockables
    really expands the amount of re-playability. Fans have waited over ten
    years for this game and it delivers on every front.

    Xbox 360
    Release Date:
    To Be Announced
    Game Features:

    has taken a versatile and classic gameplay formula and updated it. The
    new X Factor system and the improved character swapping really improve
    the flow of matches.

    moves along at a blistering 60 frames per second and never lets down.
    Even with six characters on the screen at once all blasting a hyper
    combo the action never stops. When viewing screenshots up close there
    are brief moments of clipping but everything moves so fast you will
    never notice.

    upbeat and fast music keeps the battle going. Like its predecessor the
    character select music is bound to get stuck in your head after an
    evening of brawling. Look for a certain track to "take you for a ride"
    in the training mode.

    Characters speak to each other with context sensitive dialogue. This is
    really an innovation for the fighting genre.

    The only downside is the music and combat calls can get very repetitive
    after a while.

    is a game that fans have waited ten years for and Capcom has delivered.
    The amount of balance with the characters and thought that went into
    the stage selection shows. Look for this game to be on the most played
    list for a long time and to be used in gaming tournaments for years to

    must have taken a good long look at what it accomplished with Marvel Vs
    Capcom 2. Every change that they have made to the gameplay formula
    serves to improve flow and accessibility without compromising the series
    unique flavor.

    Overall Score NOT an average


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